Raymond C. "Bubba" Stivender, Jr. 2.29.24 - 3.28.09

Bubba will be missed by many. He passed away at the age of 85, technically only 21 since he was a leap year baby! Bubba served his country in WWII, though he never talked much about this. While serving, he contracted malaria and lost his hair. When returning from the war, he went into the grocery store business and retired years later from being the owner of Bubba's IGA in downtown Lake Placid. He and Marie eloped when Marie was still in high school. They were married for 62 years. In the last 10-15 years Bubba fought back from many illnesses. He was able to know 3 great-grandchildren - Kinleigh, August, and EN. We love and will miss you Bubba.

This picture was taken on Bubba's 84th birthday.
He wanted to spend his birthday at the hunting camp,
and that is what we did.

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Sarah said...

What a lovely story! I love when people maintain a zest for life till the very end.
I thanks for your comment on my blog...
August is a cutey.
Love your blog in it's simplicity...something I'm all for!