Wild Hair

Bonny and Brooker got a wild hair last night and invited August and I to come along. So off to Chuckie Cheese we went. We had a great time celebrating Brooker's birthday again!

leaving town

Hit it harder.


"Where are the balls, Mommy?"

shootin' hoops

feeding Barney

In just 14 short years, this will
happen all over again (but for real!)

According to these boys,
looking where you are going is overrated.

Driving everything he can.

heading back to town

Thanks for inviting us to come along! Notice the bag above? Us girls did a little shopping before returning home. You can't get that close to Old Navy and Target without actually squeezing in some shopping!!

We are truly blessed that these boys are growing up together. It all started when mom and Janie lived next to each other, continued with Jared, Jamie, and I being neighbors at the beach, and now the boys living in the same neighborhood. Life is great!


Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

I didn't know that y'all had such a history...living so close to each other all these years. That's really special.

I love the picture of the boys showing how much they don't need to watch the road while driving. Very funny!

Erica Bass said...

I love the picture of the boys driving and looking at each other. too cute!!!