our friends (and family) david and ashleigh brought into this world, riley margaret.
she was born on may 8th, just one hour and 10 minutes shy of dad's birthday.
we got to meet her one week later.

the proud parents

ashleigh's family
grandmama's and their grandbabies

cute little wrinkly feet
tiny little hands

august wasn't quite so interested in riley, but loved her backyard.

and playing ball with her daddy.

lookout mountain is right out their front door.

thanks for letting us visit.

we can't wait to see her again.

august will have to share his pacifier next time!

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erica bass said...

ERin please send me Ashleigh and David's mailing address. I would love to send them a gift from us.
I can't believe how tiny she is...so precious!!!
Her initials are Riley Margaret ?Last name???