this past weekend

snake skin . . . eww
we shouldn't get cold next hunting season

man # 1 reading directions

man #2 reading directions
(i know - - it's nothing short of a miracle!!)

handsome little guy

rooster is the only dark haired dog on the beach,
and apparently his doesn't like the clicking of the camera

finding shells
(aka - muscles that have dried up from the lack of water)

sunbathing beauty

she's up . . .

and down

annoyed that i am snapping photos, but really handsome all the same

his hat is not far from the truth

washing gin

and finally, hose fun


Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

Your picture-taking skills are wonderful!

Katie said...

August is so photogentic!! Of course I agree with Heidi, you take excellent pictures!!