really long post

technical difficulties have been remedied.
so here is a catch up on last week.
it was a busy, but really fun one!

last sunday ashton came to swim with august.
they had a great time.

we hope ashton and his mommy and daddy come to play again soon.

on tuesday we celebrated trav's birthday with family.
we had mexican with brownies and ice cream for dessert.
grandma re ate her first ever burrito at age 82. (she doesn't read this so she can't hurt me for that!)
she really liked it.

on wednesday we got to visit with ashliegh and riley.
she is growing so fast.

mama made her first boy shirt for en.
yes, it is the same size shirt that august wears.
he is only one year younger.

friday we celebrated father's day with the smith family.
the great grandbabies got golf lessons from grandmama.
played ball with granddaddy.
bowled together.
and showed each other how to eat ice cream and cookies.

on saturday we visited baboo, diane, and kyle in tampa.
august enjoyed baboo's big toys.
he even raced her.
you have to love the look of love in a grandmother's eyes.

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emily said...

I love the pics of the race, hilarious and so sweet!