the fourth

better late than never.

we celebrated the fourth with a get together at the lake.

our friends linda and shawn came.
they brought the girls, bailee and shelby.

we grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs.
and had a flag cake for desert.
can you get more american than that?

after dinner the kids decided to go for another swim.
they shucked their clothes and went skinny dipping.

we waited and waited for the fireworks.
they finally started.
after everyone went home.
happy belated birthday america!


Katie said...

beautiful pictures!!! Maybe you can take some of my girls for me!! I can't ever get them to cooperate but I love how all yours come out so nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so cool. You should consider photography! I really liked the one of all the kid's feet at Nicole's house too. You really capture some great moments.