siesta key 3 . . . good eats

we eat well at the beach.
the bucket of snacks makes for a great appetizer.shrimp boil night-
boy was is spicy and yummy.

kortney and lee enjoying some together time.
erica and the kids -
kinleigh loved making funny faces for the camera.
the kids slowed down for 30 seconds.
august is wearing e.n.'s clothes.
they fit perfectly!
not a great shot.
but i did catch them in the act.
oh, a new face on the blog.
the big boy is renner (said when-na by the kids).
isn't that just the coolest name?
the traditional hot dogs on the beach day.
i promise you won't eat a better dog all year!

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Katie said...

I love family gatherings! I love it that the cousins are all so close in age! Looks like you all had a great time!