siesta key 5 . . . sunsets

the perfect time to take pics at the beach.
linda and shawn. kenny and heidi.
kenny, heidi, and kids.
this outfit resulted in the nickname, the shark, after greg norman.
i think he looks pretty darn cute myself.
the whole gang.
another day.
another set of sunset pics.
look at the bird.

i don't think i will ever do this.
but if i do, it would for sure be this time of day!

one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.

all three grandkids.
the look of a long day at the beach.


Heidi said...

erin, this pictures are absolutely amazing. esp. the one of the adorable round-faced little one...i could eat him he is so cute and your shots of his face are awesome! does he belong to erica? great family times captured on "film" forever.

The Stivender Family said...

heidi, he does belong to erica. isn't he just the cutest thing? erin

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

You just get better and better with your pictures!

It definitely looks like you had a great week at the beach!