siesta key 7 . . . the last day

this is the last post of beach pictures . . . i promise.
renner wanted to be buried with his mask and snorkel.

who are we to argue with this face?
e.n. snoozed on the beach.
august did the same thing last year.
a clean out your ice box lunch.
there were hot dogs, sandwiches, shrimp, fried fish, fried venison.
and just about anything else we could get rid of.
yes, the snack bucket showed its face again.

hope i haven't bored you to tears with all these beach pictures.
i am just really bad at making choices, especially when it comes to pictures.
i could just look at them all day and ponder, what to post?
plus it lets me go back to the beach for just a little while.
if only in my mind.


Erica Bass said...

i agree erin. i have enjoyed the excitement of seeing if you posted a new day of the beach on your blog. in my eyes you could have posted all of them.
thanks, erica

maybe one day i will have my computer back and i will be able to continue my blog. just maybe....

Leigh Ann Wehr said...

Hey Erin! Going back to the beach (in my mind) on this cold day in May (will it ever get warm here?). Thanks for the memories! Still dealing with Renner's badly broken leg. Much better, finally no cast and no crutches (at least for the time being). 2nd surgery on Jun. 10. Will be glad to get that over! Otherwise, all is good here! Will be seeing you all SOON!