it doesn't happen often

but when it does,
we do it up right.

you see, kinleigh came to play for the day.
so like any good aunt,
we took a little trip to the golden arches.

for happy meals.

we did take some time to brush our teeth.

and play in our fort.

they were dying to play in the heat.
so when daddy came home,
he saved us from the giant frog on the swing.

of course he scared kinleigh and mommy with it.
but we gave him a round of applause for saving the day.

finally, kinleigh could swing.

then it was time for football.

and tackling daddy.

time out for a post injury back rub.

it was miraculously healed!
and after a great time, the kids were pooped out.

kinleigh, can you come back already?

1 comment:

Erica said...

Thanks for having my sweet little sassy angel for the day!!
I know she had a blast with you all!!!!