i spent some time playing around with a borrowed camera lens this weekend.
we headed down to the woods--always a great place for pictures.
i had fun taking shots of the working jeep and a few of its unworking parts.

i couldn't resist getting some shots of my cuties too.

love the light here.

saturday night we let august get himself ready for a trip to dq.
this is what he came up with--1 hat, 2 shirts, 0 shorts, boots, and daddy's watch.
thank goodness we went through the drive thru.
sunday we spend some time at the lake.
i didn't even have to get wet to get these pics.

and here are two peas in a pod.
loved the lens, even though it was heavy.
i guess i need to pull out the weights.
just in case i get one like it.

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Erica Bass said...

ERIN!!!! Those pictures are awesome!!! Very professional looking...i think you have found a second calling....Think about it!!