august right now

it is hard to believe that a week ago today our little man turned 2.
here he is on his actual birthday.
m & m lips and all!

here are some things we want to remember from "right now":

*he loves to ride his truck, the jeep, lawn mower, golf cart, and just about anything that moves and has a wheel.

*he also loves all the keys that belong to the above

*"shippers" (better know as stickers) can keep his little hands busy for quite awhile.

*he can use any object as a golf club/bat and hit just about any object that will move.
and he even has a good follow through!

*there are 4 major food groups: the crunchy carbs group (cereal, pretzels, crackers, chips), yogurt (regular and whipped) and milk group, dried fruit group, and the m & m group.

*he loves shoes (especially his rubber boots), underwear over diapers, and hats.

*he is a good kisser

*and he is soaking in new things, words, and actions everyday

mostly importantly, we love him to pieces!

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