impromptu crafting

bonny called and said "wanna get crafty?"
of course my reply was "yes!"

so she and brooker (a.k.a bubba - that's auggie's name for him) came over.
and the mamas got crafty while the boys played and ate lunch over a shared tray.
crafty things to do list:
bonny - 2 bracelets
erin - crinkly blanket and make thank you cards

things that got done:
LOTS of catching up
1 bracelet
1/2 way through blanket (that should only take about 15 min)
TONS of crafty ideas shared

the verdict:
we need to do this more often
i cannot measure, cut, and piece together while talking

hope we can do it again soon.
does anyone want to join us?


Katie said...

You know I would join you!! :) I craft all day long...this is why I need a maid, my crafting is way more important than getting rid of dust bunnies! :)

Heidi said...

Me, Me! (I've got my hand raised!) :-)

Samantha said...

Umm...yes, I do think I was suppose to be in on this:) We need to do some crafting for our trip! So all the kids can be matchy matchy and oh so cute!

emily said...

this sounds so fun, I wish I was there to join! I want to see some finish products :-)

Erica Bass said...

Erin-You see what happen on Saturday when we crafted together 8 bats for the party. My fridge had 4 less mich. lights. Thank God you were here to help me!!!!! He! Ha!Ha!