vegas baby

yep, we went again.
this time for a fun only trip.

the hotel was beautifully decorated for fall.
(the pumpkins in the middle are actually a water feature.)
we went with:
eddie and erica

us (of course)

and thad and renee

the lack of humidity in the desert will make grown men wear colored lip gloss.
those were some hurtin' lips.
we spent time in the sports book watching college football.
and eating some great food from (emeril) lagasse's stadium restaurant.

with 6 people, cab rides were more than a limo.
so limos it was!
thad really can smile like a normal person.
i just don't seem to have a pic of him doing it!

once again the food in vegas was amazing.
the shopping was great.
the gambling was entertaining.
the time away was relaxing.
and the company was the best!

the sun setting on our time in vegas.

we are ready to go back already.
but our wallet says to wait just a little while!


Laci Brooker said...

Hey Erin! I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I am also ready to go back! We went out there in June and the day we got home, I was like ok I'm ready to go back! I love VEGAS!!! :)

Erica said...

I love the pictures Erin. I will have to send you ours so you can compare smiles!!!!!