downtown waverly

us girls loaded up the kids and headed into downtown waverly.
it is a small town with some neat places.

this tree just screams "take some picture with me,
under me,
around me,
and in my leaves."

so we did.
but first, we took a break at the waverly cafe.
and i had the best hot chocolate in the history of the world.

a group shot to prove we were all there.
not the best, but proof.

huntley enjoyed his mama's drink too.

across the street for leaf time.
molly jane loved those leaves.
all crunchy and tasty.
the boys did too.
(they just didn't eat them!)
see that cannon back there?
brooker took it on.
the cannon won.

we didn't notice this sign until later.
and, i hate to admit that it didn't stop us florida girls from taking in fall.

ready, set, jump.

we went back the next day.
in our picture taking clothes.

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