a ham on turkey day

we spent thanksgiving in tallahassee with trav's family.
us ladies cooked for an army (of 6):
turkey, ham, green beans, collard greens,
sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy,
some pea i've never had before (put it sure was good),
tabbouleh, rolls, pumpkin pie, apple pie,
and chocolate pecan pie.

after dinner was eaten and naps taken,
the ladies and kiddos headed outdoors
to enjoy the nice cool weather.

we worked on getting christmas card pictures of the kids.
and i won't mention any names,
but somebody decided to be a ham on turkey day.

riding off into the sunset.

blurry as heck, but love the look on e.n.'s face as he starts to fall!

we did get some good shots,
and erica has her cards ordered.
me on the other hand, still working on it.

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