still need gifts?

last minute gift for the little artists in your life:

a crayon roll - $12
(holds and includes 16 crayola crayons,
and measures 15 x 4 inches)

pink elephant (2 available)

all rolled up
road construction (2 available)
brown polka dot (3 available)
brown owl (1 available)
another perfect little gift (would make a great gift card holder):
the zippered pouch - $10
(measures 5 x 8 inches and
1 of each available)
pink polka dot
black & red polka dot with ladybug flower
white & red polka dot with flower
and because my first one was a bit of trail and error,
and not so perfect,
a giveaway is in order.
leave me a comment telling me about your favorite christmas gift,
and a winner will be selected and announced on tuesday.
the giveaway zippered pouch:

if you would like to purchase any of the above items,
leave a comment or shoot me an email,
and we can make arrangements to meet up.


Katie said...

My favorite gift? Hard to say...I cherish so much that has been given to me. I guess I can say the gift of having family to spend the holidays with is the best gift. Sappy...I realize that...but it is the truth. I'm not materialistic at all, so for me being able to spend another Christmas with my grandfather means so much more to me than anything else money could buy!

Heidi said...

Katie is quite right...it's so easy to gloss over our ability to simply enjoy this season with FAMILY. So many people don't know what that's like. It is a gift!

Something tangible....a favorite gift was the Cabbage Patch Kid I received one Christmas sometime in the 80's when they came into fame and were THE hot item. I was thrilled! It rates up there in my memory. But I'm not sure if it beats the pearls my husband gave me last Christmas. It's a toss up!
I love all your handmade goodies, Erin, and I hope to the lucky winner! Your talents are many, my dear. ~HD

Kelly said...

Great Job Erin! I'm so proud of you! I think that all those items are adorable! You are a domestic goodess! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Tell Erica I said Hi and Merry Christmas too!
My favorite gift? That would probably be the year that Meghan and Jack were born right before Christmas, it was so exciting and they were so cute! Of course spending the holidays with love ones is always the best too!Love you! xo

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

You wow me more and more every time I see one of your new creations!

My all time favorite Christmas present was a stuffed bunny that my mom had made for me from my beloved baby blanket. I carried that blanket many years past babyhood until I decided I was big enough to let it go. I remember so perfectly the Christmas morning I opened it and started to cry when I realized what it was made from. It sits, right now, on an out-of-reach shelf in Oren's room.

Merry Christmas!

The Revell Family said...

I know I've received a lot of great Christmas gifts in the past but the one I really appreciate and use everyday is my camera. Jared bought it for me as a Christmas gift the year Brooker was born. We would always say that the good ol' sony digital would not capture our serious little baby boy's occasional smile. So he got me a faster camera and it's been so wonderful. I love that I can capture many of life's sweet moments...especially the one's of my precious boy!

You are so crafty Erin...I'm inspired :)