a cold new years weekend

we traveled down to the woods to ring in the new year.
with sparkling wine and sparklers we were all set. august had his first real experience using sparklers.
he was having a blast.
and his face says it all.

"again, again," he kept saying.
we didn't make it until midnight,
but toasted our korbel around the campfire,
and turned in early.

on new years day,
we ate our traditional greens (for wealth),
black eyed peas (for luck),
with some fried venison on the side.

we huddled up under the tent to watch the noles play ball,
and keep dry from the rain.
it got muddy here and there.
but the kids at a blast,
stomping through the mud.
after the rain passed through,
the cold air followed in.
we sat around this for much of the weekend.
and did our best to keep warm.
even if that means socks for mittens.
august was lucky to have another hunting buddy, lily.

boy did they ever have fun.
and isn't this weather great?


Laura said...

love the sparkler pics! AWESOME!

Nicole said...

Erin-he is the cutest! The sparkler pictures are great.