staying busy

not crazy busy,
but a good busy,
with things like a hammock play date,
a MUCH needed hair cut,
photography class,
dentist visit (with a side trip to jo-ann's),
crafting at kari's,
a date night,
and other household duties.

i only got pictures from the hammock.
the boys played,
chased the girls,
ate tangerines,
and played ball.
and sweet molly jane took it all in.
we even went on the cat walk to see if we could find any critters,
but none stuck around for us.
(my camera was dead at this point!)
it was a great play date!!

next week i hope to share our crafting,
(when we get it done),
and some other projects i am working on.
(now that i put it out there, i have to finish them, right?!?!)

1 comment:

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

Great pictures of a fun day at the Hammock!

You know I gotta ask...Will you send me the one of Nolan with his tangerine???? I love it and would love to add it to my Project Life album.