i've been slacking around here lately.
slacking with my picture taking, too.

i guess you wouldn't know it (especially with lack of pics),
but i am taking a photography class.
learning quite a bit,
so maybe you will start "seeing" some of my new knowledge soon.

on sunday, we made it down to the woods.
when the moisture stopped dripping out of the sky,
i got out the camera and captured some of our fun.

the kids snacked on just about anything we had.

and rode every riding toy we had.

the daddy's and erica took the kids for a jeep ride.
e.n. is in there,
you just can't see anything but hat.

and it wouldn't be a jeep if it didn't need a tow every once in awhile.

the boys chillin' in the hammock.

august wanted out, so the girls jumped in.
then e.n. decided he had enough, too.

these kids love being at camp.

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