container garden

our container garden has been planted and drinking up our recent rains.

the aloe plant was started from a stem that originated from trav's great grandfather's aloe plant.
the basil came up after letting our last basil plant flower.

i can't wait to eat some tomatoes fresh from the vine.
the chives have been planted for quite some time.
if you want to grow something that can withstand just about anything,
(i.e. lack of water, heat, and frost) then chives are the way to go.
these are living proof!

and morning dew, part of nature's early morning beauty.


Heidi said...

lookin' good, lookin' good!

Katie said...

okay, where did you get the tags??? Those are cute. I have nothing marking my areas... :( I guess I should because if I send Madison out, some herbs she may not know the difference! LOL