first, i apologize for the amount of pictures.
so, if you're not into little boys (and a few big) jumping in puddles,
just ignore this post.

second, this boy will turn just about anything into a gun.
do any of yours do the same?now let the puddle fun begin!
testing the water with a leaf.
kicking it around some.
full force through the water.
blurry, but love that face.

just a little dirty.

august says, "help mama."
mama replies, "you can do it!"

he gets a partner in crime.

then later, turkey calling lessons.

time to lose some water.
and get cleaned up.
warning: chap stick will melt when left in your pocket.
and leave a big wad when applied.
finally, have you ever seen a colony of ants swimming for their life?
now you have!


Katie said...

first off, cute, cute, cute!! I loved how you captured the water out of the boot! :)

And ewww on the ants! Seriously, I've never seen ANYTHING like that!!

PS, the etsy, super dooper easy and yes, you need to! PRONTO! :) I'll shoot you an email tomorrow.

Heidi said...

Great pics. Great fun. Boy, Auggie looks older with his hair cut!
And yes, Tristan,too, turns EVERYTHING into a gun.

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

ERIN!!!! These are such great pictures! I love, love, love the one of August waist down with the mower. AMAZING!

And the ants??? Unbelievable.

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I felt like I was there! Beautiful pictures, really. Love the story and your little August is really too cute. He looks like a little gap model.
We still call our almost 4 year old the baby and on occasion when my husband gets home i tell him he is lucky i didnt eat the baby today. They are so yummy!

And no, I have never seen ants like that!