happy earth day

today's post over at simple mom is
40 tips to go green at home (besides just recycling).

i must say that there are some i do easily,
and others i have to make a conscious effort
(turning off lights when leaving a room!).

a few that i am currently doing:
shopping locally for produce - go to mccracken farms (great FRESH produce, great prices)
homemade cleaners - vinegar water for mopping tile
reading animal, vegetable, miracle
going to watch food, inc.

2 things that are going to happen:
stop to unsolicited mail (as soon as i finish this post!)
fixing a leaky faucet (hopefully this weekend)

that should bring me up to half way mark on the list of 40.
next year, i hope to say that we are doing even more of those things around here.

please tell me, what are some "green" things you do?
every little hint or tip counts!

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