old finds

i have been looking for an old scale.
in my mind i had a red and white one all picked out.
but this one had a great price tag - $10.
i passed to keep looking. others were priced in the $40 - $50 range.
came back to see if this one was still around. she had just been packed up.
but the nice gentlemen said he'd sell her for $8.
needless to say, i didn't hesitate one bit. the black is growing on me too.
and i just love that she is missing some lettering,
has metal peeking through,
and is off balance by 1/4 oz.
oh, and that table she sits on--
well, i think it was the find of the day.
an old sewing table.
measures exactly one yard across,
according to the engraved yard stick.
has a little paint spilled on it,
nice big water ring,
and someone cut a bit too hard,
but pure perfection in my eyes.

it folds up all nice and takes up very little space,
and is just dying to be sewed upon once again.
come monday, that is just what i will do.

1 comment:

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Great finds! Im loving that cool table.
And I enjoyed looking at your vacation pictures at the beach. What a stunning house!
I have to tell you again, even though you already know...your little one is the cutest boy! He could be the next Gap baby!