they're back...

and i am too!!
lots to post about:
birthday parties,
my first family portrait session,
garden updates,
new dresses, shirts, and other baby items,
a new dinner recipe,
and more!

a few side notes:
*august spares no mercy on love bugs that make their way into the front door, and there are many. they have found an early death by dust buster. so be warned love bugs--do not enter the stivender household!!
*my "new to me" camera made it into my hot little hands on friday!!!! woohoo, a camera that is working! i can finally get back to documenting our life.

1 comment:

Katie said...

don't remind me of that creature I've grown to loath! Glad you are back! Hope the camera is working out for you! Can't wait to see some of your newest creations! Thanks for the phone call the other day, it was nice catching up with you! Hope you guys are doing well!