monkey dress

i finally stopped "monkeying" around and cut into this fabric.
i just love the way it turned out.

from bed and crib sheets into a cute dress!

there is quite a bit of fabric left to make more.
please let me know if you are interested.

some basic info:
$20 each
sizes from 6 months to 6/6x
each seam is finished with a french seam - no raw edges
bow options - two bows or one side bow
pre-washed fabric


Amy Z said...

I'd love to oder Molly Jane a monkey dress! DARLING! Your talent continues to impress me! Make it however your heart desires, bows and size...you know best! Happy b-lated b-day to your man!!

Katie said...

I love it!!! As long as Amy and I coordinate what days our girls are wearing them! :) I'd like one for Olivia...2T(ish).

Are you making crib sheets????