zwayer family

a few weeks ago, amy emailed
and we set up a photo shoot with the whole family.
these guys are so photogenic.

taking a break to get some love from the brooker man!

she's just about had enough!

and last, but not least,
my beautiful assistant!
she ties bows,
fixes hair,
makes babies laugh and smile,
and works for real cheap (free!!).
thanks zwayers and bonny my assistant!


The Revell Family said...

All I am gonna say is that the pictures are "BEAUTIFUL" but that last one, well it's pretty crazy!

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

Once again, you've taken some great pictures! Love 'em all!

And, seriously, your assistant works for free??? With her list of responsibilities, that's hard to believe!

Katie said...

Great pics Erin! I love my other family!