bowling, vbs, and mowing

just some of the stuff we've been up to since our vacation.

first time bowling,
and what fun it was! blurry, but priceless
posing for mama

waiting for his turn,
and boy was that hard.
his first ever spare.
daddy came by to see the action.
gutter guards and all--i still couldn't break 100!

august also went to vbs and loved it.
everyday he'd wake up and ask,
"are we going to bible school?"

playing peek-a-boo with his new friend, jo.
he insisted upon taking pictures of her,
and managed to get some with her actually in them!
getting into it!

and finally, helping daddy mow.

studly, i know.

1 comment:

Erica and Toni said...

I hope Daddy's mowing attire was different than Auggies!!! For the sake of the neighborhood.... :)