busy, busy, busy

trying to get caught up after a trip to the mountains,and a quick getaway to the island.
working on orders.
so don't worry if you placed one...
it will be ready soon!!
just in time for college football that is coming up this weekend!!
i have so many pictures to share from our trips.
(and the ones i planned to post while away!)
i promise to be back soon,
but must get to work in the nameless sweat shop!!
any suggestions?


Heidi S said...

Suggestion for the nameless sweat shop...

"A Stitch In Time"

I'm still trying to think of others!

erica said...

Design by Erin
EJS Design

emily said...

I have a request for something I was wondering if you could help me with. Can you call me or give me your number? 863.381.0964. Thanks!