iphone picture dump

totally random (and over 3 months time),
but some moments that needed to be captured.

napping at the beach. the waitress warned eddie that a full order might be too much.
both plates were his!
leaving joann's wearing nothing but his diaper.
quick blog friendly explanation:
diaper - potty training derailment while on vacation
no clothes - asthma induced coughing, which led to loosing all stomach contents
from the morning in the check out line. i'm sure we were a, 'honey you'll never believe what happened story.'
cleaning up with the dinosaurs.
working with pa.
(and a backup halloween costume!)
elevator in daddy's office,
with a sweet treat in hand!
rosette assembly line.
he insisted on a mad face,
and a serious one.


Katie said...

I did the same thing recently...had a ton of pictures on my iphone that I kept forgetting about :)

I recognize that Joanne's :)
How's potty training going?
I'm sure Eddie made a dent in that meal! :)
Back up costume is too cute!

Heidi S said...

His face in the picture leaving Joann's is priceless!