island time

a few days after returning from tennessee,
we loaded up and headed to the island for a quick trip.

the captain and his crew picked us up here.august and bubba reunited (it had been over a week since playing together!),
and then headed to the island.
we dropped our bags and headed straight for the beach.

some played.
some relaxed.
some solved the world's problems.
some worked on looking cool.
some like the waves.
some had enough.
some fished.
some visited at the shore.
and others sized things up!

revells: thank so much for the wonderful, but way too short trip.
we enjoyed the company, food, laughter, and friendship!


Heidi S said...

What a fun explanation of a fun weekend! Adorable!

Heidi said...

that last pic is hilarious!

Katie said...

Love the last picture. Too cute!