sewing stuff

here are some things that i have been sewing on lately,
both gifts and custom orders.

my first attempt at ruffles on the bottom of a pillowcase dress.
(and it won't be the last!)
baby gift set: 2 burp clothes backed with chenille, coordinating one piece (initial for boy, ruffle butt for girl), and crinkle blanket
another gift set, just a little different from the others.
more ruffle butt one pieces.
these things are so much fun!
tea towels
lots of gameday rosettes
cute little nole dress
christmas picture dress for a little one.
the dog needed some christmas spirit too.
and my first time sewing for an adult:
a mama's halter top.
and nole skirts for sisters

i have also worked on some really cute black and white dresses with pink and blue accents,
but i guess those all got shipped off with any picture taking.


The Revell Family said...

Love it all! Especially the red ruffle stuff. You don't see much red for baby girls...that's cute :)

Brookers in Benton said...

I love it all Erin, I am going to have to order some stuff when I am home next month.