getting our requests in early

saturday we headed over to bass pro to see santa.
to get in our requests in early and to say thank you for last years gifts.

they have a whole section dedicated to play and our little man LOVED it!
shooting, remote control cars, and trains, is there anything else a boy could ask for?

he started shaking as we got closer to santa, but got up there without any hesitation.
he took his picture (which turned out really good...maybe i should scan it and put it up.).
put in those requests and said our thank yous.
august is not asking for much, just presents.
i think that is an order that can be filled!
i have a hunch that this will grace his list one day.

and since trav and i both had them as children,
he probably will too.
i just don't know if my nerves we be ready to handle it when the time comes.

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