in my kitchen

lately, in my kitchen, i have:

*made mexican casserole. next time i think i am going to omit the chips in the baking process and just serve them on the side so they'll be crunchy. i also think that this might just work in a heated tortilla!?!

*popped lots of popcorn for my boys.

*been working at whittling away on my rotary apples. here are two great recipes to use:

*baked blueberry banana nut bread for a mama with a new baby. i hope to post the recipe soon.

*worked on eating up our frozen leftovers.

*and tomorrow i'll be working on my version southern living's chocolate pecan pie. i make my own crust, omit the bourbon, and use light corn syrup instead of the dark. sinfully rich and good stuff!

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Katie said...

chocolate Pecan Pie sounds delightful! Although...thanks for the visual of the Mexican casserole...my cravings will send me to Publix this morning! :)