it's thursday

and i'm finally posting about our busy halloween weekend
which was jam packed with fun: adult halloween party, treat-or-treating,
wedding reception, and a community get together!

mom and i decked out in 70's and 80's attire for the adult party (the men were off hunting).

trick-or-treating with friends in the neighborhood.
i just love this picture, which is a little blurry, but that face is priceless
amongst the craziness of trying to get 8 kids to pose.

lion from the lion king.
(won't even attempt to spell the character name!)

the girls would pose nicely together.
a hunting football player, which is exactly where we are right now in life!
this is what you could call being in the right place at the right time.
parker hugged his mama for a few seconds and my camera just happened to be ready.
an airplane
and the boarding pass. (kari, you are so clever!)

a very beautiful beauty queen
the peacock all ready and willing to smile and pose.
the lion just had to be hunted.
loaded up and ready to go get some candy!!!
august getting his flirt on all evening with aunt jamie.

on sunday afternoon, we hit papa g and nonae's community party.
bounce houses, haunted houses, hayride and dinner.
he just did the bounce house.

and mama joined him.

august doesn't do "spooky," so we visited for awhile and headed home.
such a fun and busy weekend.

just a few more weeks of pretty pumpkins.
it seems as if we just got to set them out.

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