auggie's first tailgate

august went to his very first official florida state tailgate party the day we played uf.
the weather was perfect football weather,
the food was great,
and the people were wonderful!

kinleigh picked the right team attire.

her daddy did not!
sure was hard for eddie to be discrete after the game. nonae and her boys.
they played hard and acted just like little boys!

we found this great tee pee a few tailgates down.

and corn hole at yet another tailgate.
grandmama, me, and mom ready for the big game!

our beloved noles pulled out a huge win over the gators!!!
way to go noles!!

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Katie said...

about time I might add... :) I mean, how many years without a win over Florida? Just kidding! I didn't even watch the game. This season has killed me emotionally. I knew there was a good chance we were going to take a beating and I just let it go without stressing out about it! Pre-game pictures are cute!