this picture really has nothing to do with christmas,
but was taken just before.
what do you think santa would think of this face? after church christmas eve, we headed over to the cruise house.
the girls and august exchanged gifts and played dress up.
silver shoes and butterfly wings on top it off.
(i see a future yearbook picture here!)
then they opened up christams jammies.
apparently santa must have forgiven that face of guilt,
because he enjoyed his cookies and milk.
and dropped off some pretty cool stuff!

taking his first ride.
and a super hero cape to ride with.
later in the day we made good use of those golf clubs.

enjoyed some family time with cousins.
that made sure we were protected from any danger.
lindsay showing grandmama the digital frame filled with family pictures.
opening up some pretty cool stuff.

mom, erica, and toni all got handmade scarves.
and for those really tough to open packages,
just pull out the chain saw,
but remember: safety first and wear those goggles.
and one last surprise:
see the excitement!
a golf cart!

we traveled to the farr's late in the afternoon for some more family fun,
and august enjoyed every last minute.

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Laura said...

OH MY GOSH! Hunter got a golf bag w/clubs and THAT golf cart for Christmas! SO...we MUST let them get together and play! (while we eat our girl scout cookies!) They will be so stinkin cute!