early christmas

we celebrated christmas a week early with these guys.
and all 3 were itching to start unwrapping. as a matter of fact, e.n. liked the unwrapping so much that it took a few presents before he bothered to actually open a box.

i made the kids super hero capes.
august needed to try on e.n.'s for size.
engineer and possibly a future engineer at work.
after opening presents, we partied down celebrating kortney and lee's engagement.
but first we made a stop to check out christmas lights.
dancing to the music.
not sure why, but swim goggles were in order.
maybe the lights were bright?

on sunday, we scooted over to the davis house to celebrate with the entire jahna clan.

see caroline in the cute hat and boots, she is an actress.
check her out here. you may just have seen her before!
the davis family made gingerbread houses the night before,
and i though i would name them for you.

the frat house:
(i think an couch and some empty beer cans would finish off that front yard just perfect!)

the old red barn:

the fishing shack:

and finally, the southern colonial:

so many details on each of these.
a string of lights:
a snowman:
and a christmas tree:
some of the family:

august on the attack.

coming home it was rainy and cold.
just perfect for sitting by the tree and taking in the season.

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