north carolina - horseback riding

e.n. was up first. kinleigh was waiting ever so patiently in the wings.
amazing view.
when it was august's turn:
and i quote, "mama, cowboys don't wear bicycle helmets."
his perfectly good excuse for not riding.
he didn't mind watching though.
and petting this pretty thing.
on the other side of the barn,
there were all kinds of farm animals.
and he didn't mind one bit when they wanted to eat out of his hands.

the kids didn't want to miss sitting on the sleigh.

and i really wish i knew how to photoshop out the tips appreciated sign!

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Katie said...

Great pictures! I can't get over how much K looks like Erica!! WOW!

You can use a tool for paint and just grab that white color around the tips wording and then basically cover over the wording...that way it is all the same white color. I can show you Thursday.