special blanket

you have seen this blanket on my machine before.
it took some time, but i think it was well worth it.a faux chenille.
while working on the "quilting" (sewing all those lines) and hand stitching the binding,
i though to myself a few times: mary kate i love you and never again.
but the more i worked the more i fell in love with it.
and when this beauty came out of the dryer i knew it wouldn't be the last.
some small personalization to finish it.

just perfect for snuggling that precious baby in.

tutorial can be found here and here.
(i varied by squaring up my corners.)


Katie said...

very pretty! You did a great job!

The Revell Family said...

This blanket is amazing and so so so special to us :) Thank you so very much Erin!