races 2011

another year of the races and another year of fun!
not one, but two "little" miss 12 hours were on hand! hot and tired boys taking a break.
then back at it for some trailer jumping.
cheetos time!!
watching the band.
and brooker joined the band with his own performances.
i see a singing career in his future!
us girls.
love the nole hanging over bonny's head.
it's trying to tell you something, bonny!
kinleigh and her "cousin" brooker.
you see, kinleigh seems to think that brooker is a cousin.
most times when they come down to visit,
brooker and family join us for our adventures.
and we are so thankful to have them as extended family!
on saturday, we all headed out for more fun, sun,
and dirt.
some very tired, hard core race fans!

photo credits to bonny.

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Katie said...

great pics girls! I actually looked back over the last few years too and I went to school at SFCC with Brooke heehee. I love her, she is so sweet but we have lost touch since then.