race track run

it was in the 30's saturday morning.
august is bundled up and ready to go!! we started off in the back of the group with the kids running.
august is dead last and says to me, "mommy, i'm the fastest!"
something about that moment and it's sweet innocence melted my heart.

after some running, the boys did some riding.
and then some more running.
aunt jamie pushed the stroller through the finish line for me,
so i could be ready for a photo finish of the boys.
one day her stroller might look a little like this:
running hard toward the finish line.
finally crossing the line!
best racing buddies.
snoozing after all that hard work!

a great morning run, with great friends!

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The Revell Family said...

Love this post girl!! You captured everything perfectly :) Love the "running buddies" picture!