thing 1 & thing 2

and all things dr. suess was the theme for kase and knox's birthday.
they had an amazing cake and no detail was left undone. the cat in the hat even came for some entertainment.
he read stories.
balloons were made into all sorts of interesting things.
including hats, swords, and dogs.

kase was taking it all in.
so was his "big" brother, knox.
what a hat!
the blue-haired thing three looks awfully familiar.
the cat in the hat could sing.
and had kase's full attention.
until this sweet thing stole a birthday kiss!
limbo time.
and walking the tight rope.
this cat in the hat even had a few magic tricks to share.
(not to be a spoiler, but i think that red handkerchief is popping out from the thumb.)
big cousin e.n.
a pinata for the bigger guests to take whack at.
knox was mesmerized by the guitar,
and just couldn't get close enough.
others found it quite fun as well.

hokey-pokey, and you turn yourself around.
and no party would be complete without some cake time.

knox wasn't so sure.
but, kase jumped right in.

this shows it all.
knox is after the balloon,
and kase is all about the cake.
great party amy and ken.
thanks for letting us be a part of it.

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Katie said...

I love this whole theme. I had another friend who just did it too and both parties are so cute!!! Great pictures!