it's hard to believe

but kinleigh turned 5!!
we were lucky to get to celebrate with her.

before all the guests arrived,
the kids made sure the bounce houses were in full working order.
and needed a juice break to get ready for the guests.

survivor camp theme done up right.
these were filled with all the goodies needed to make s'mores. yummy!

the kids bounced, slid,threw water balloons,
potato sack raced,
hay rided, swung,
played in the sand,
and had the most wonderful time.

one of my favorites of the birthday diva.

"can i sit in your lap?" asked this little boy.
he knew papa g had one of the best seats around.

e.n. broke his arm about a week before the party.
he was a trooper though and didn't let it slow him down one bit.
(he now has no pins and no cast---a healed arm, praise the lord!)
mr. bass gave august his tiger bag.
he filled it with superheros,
birthday horns, and such.
it never left his side for long.

she's checking to see if he's thinking what she's thinking.
they both did it, and i was half a second late catching them in the act!

i remember holding you in the hospital,
that first birthday, and now you're five.
love you girl!


Samantha said...

OK! First picture hilarious and priceless!! LOVE it!

Katie said...

Great pictures as usual! I can't believe she is 5 either!! Where is the time going! All our kids are growing up too fast!! She is so beautiful! Glad I got a sneak peek into her special day!