after a very full and very well spent day yesterday.

i've been slacking here on the blog.
and in my picture taking too.
somewhere my mind and my heart got caught up in taking "perfect" pictures.
who know the kind that you blow up, hang on the wall, and cherish for years.
but really, aren't the perfect pictures the ones that capture those special and not so special moments?
the moments we want to saviour and the things we want to remember always?
no matter how important or insignificant?

but yesterday, i realized how much i missed my camera.
(it didn't help that i forgot it once again.)
there were so many moments that i could have captured that would have told a story of our day,
no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.
that's why i started this blog after all:
to document our days.

so my goal is to get better about capturing those moments and sharing them here.
because lets face it, i am no professional.
my pictures will not always be perfect, if ever.
(see the above for a sample.)
yeah, from time to time a picture may be blurry,
but rest assured it will be telling a story.
after all they are MY pictures, MY moments, and MY memories.
the things I want to remember forever.

sure there will be times when i am "resting" from the blog.
but right now, i seem to have found some inspiration from the ordinary, day-to-day stuff.
plus, we have been partying it up around here, birthday style.
and i wouldn't dream of missing those milestones either!

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