siesta key...beach time

we spent the better part of the last two weeks soaking in
sand, sun, family, and friends on beloved siesta key.

i must admit that i didn't haul my camera around that much this year,
and there were times i missed it.
this pregnancy has zapped some of my picture taking desire.
and just when its starts coming back,
i realize that my camera was left behind.

but i certainly did catch some special moments,
some on camera and some etched in my brain.
(hopefully those cells won't be lost in pregnancy!)

they boys found that the kiddie pool is a great place to try all sorts of trick moves.

being reminded to go one at a time,
for no one wanted to spend precious beach time in the e.r.

love the excitement on august's face while e.n. slides on in.

more from the beach in the days to come.


The Revell Family said...

This was a tease! I wanna see more! By the way, LOVE Auggie's bathing suit :)

Katie said...

I love Siesta, our family has started trying to go on Saturdays this summer but doesn't always work out due to weather, etc. Glad you guys had fun!

The Stivender Family said...

bonny, august's suit came from none other than sassy and bud!

The Stivender Family said...

katie, siesta is the BEST. love that you are starting a new tradition!