first day of school

today was august's very first day of pre-school.
he has been so excited since open house last week.
so excited, that he joined mama this morning by waking up at 6:00.
also, like mama he had a wardrobe change.
(i am so being paid back for my morning behavior as a child!
dear aunt candis and uncle keith, can you come and spend the night?!?!?!)

my very handsome boys
he insisted on being silly with his mama.
then he had to have his turn at the camera.
not too bad of a job!

showing off his balancing skills to daddy.

arriving at the top of the stairs and looking like such a big boy.
at this point i am working at keeping my emotions in check.
chatting it up with mrs. allison.

i am happy to report a wonderful first day.
and august saw no tears from mama,
but of course there were a few shed.

when i asked if mrs. allison was cool,
he replied, "no, mama. she's a girl and pretty!"


Samantha said...

I think I just shed a couple tears myself:( He looks so handsome and grown up! Glad to know he was excited. Hope it continues to go great.

Katie said...

yay!August! I can't believe he is getting so big! Loved the pictures and he is pretty good behind the camera! :)