august's birthday

it's been over a month since i've blogged,
and i've yet to get my computer fixed as well.
to say we've been busy around here would be putting it mildly.
i'm sitting at the dining room table in our NEW HOUSE
(yes, new house....more on this coming soon!!!),
updating the blog on trav's computer.
i hope to have all of october events and excitement posted over the next week.
being computer illiterate, i was unable to edit any pictures in windows, so my shots are straight out of the camera.

so without further ado......here's our little man's FOURTH birthday celebration!

a pool party with a pool appropriate cake.
and cupcakes, since i wasn't sure how well the pool would eat!

simple decor and food were in order.
some simple beach balls hanging to from rafters to spruce up the pavilion.
i tried to get shots of all the kids there, but i noticed that there are some missing.

and a few of the big kids too!

family of three, soon to be four.
traditional kiss the cheeks pic.
spiderman candle that he's being eyeing for months was the only candle this boy would have!

chowing down.
love this cake face!

august loved all his presents.

we still can't believe our little man is four years old.
there is so much to love about him, and love him we do!

august, you're the best boy we could ask for!
love you! mama & daddy

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