since april i have felt like batman....hanging upside down in his bat cave.
waiting and waiting for the nesting to start.
with august i nested the entire pregnancy.
only one cabinet went uncleaned and unorganized (because i couldn't reach it!)

this time around has been much different.
maybe because i have another little body to take care of and clean up after,
or because we have moved,
or my iron levels are low,
but for some reason the nesting hasn't kicked in....
until about 1:30 thursday night.

so, i made a list and have been working on it.
marking things off it and adding to it over the last two days.
yep, the nesting has begun.
slowly but surely i am getting there.

keep coming back,
since updating the blog is among things deemed "to do before baby arrives."

(batman hanging upsided down with his superhero friend...compliments of august. love that boy's imagination!)

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