holiday happenings

we've been soaking in the holidays around here.
first up the christmas parade.

these two were quite the pair.
laughing, waving, yelling merry christmas.

tatum slept the entire time.

and heagan soaked it all in:
dancing, catching "snow," and saying merry christmas.

and there was no shortage of candy.

next up was august's christmas program.
my handsome shepard.

following mrs. alison's every hand move.
he takes this stuff serious!

so proud of him.
his face was priceless when he saw his cheering section.

and grandmama jo came to meet tatum.
our baby girl has no shortage of granmotherly love!

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Katie said...

Okay...I've always thought August looked like you....you post these pictures and there is one that WOW, he is a mini Travis! So cute! Looks like Tatum is fitting in just fine! *love*